Summer 2014 Update

June 27, 2014

Here we are again, half way through the year amazed at all God is doing, and how

quickly time flies when you are having a good time. 2014 has been yet another

extraordinary year, beginning with a relatively slow first 6 months. It has been a joy

to slow down a bit, for somewhat obvious reasons (i.e. our crazy travel schedule)

and some not known to most.

About 3 weeks into January, I woke up to a bit of a surprise, half my face was slowly

beginning to experience paralysis, and well.....needless to say, I was a bit unhappy

and frightened about this! Kathy and I rushed to the hospital, quick CT Scan and the

doctor very casually said, “all is fine, you are just experiencing the classic symptoms

of Bell’s Palsy. Give it a few months, and you’ll be all back to normal” Sooooooo,

here it is almost 6 months later, and I am so very grateful that in fact, all is just about

back to normal. Got a few months to go, but happy to report I can smile again! YEA


With a six month time to slow down a bit, a web site makeover seemed a bit in

order, so with the help of a great website designer, Kathy was able to get things

going so that when we began extensive ministry travel again, we would also have

a fresh look on our internet communication. I’ve said it many a time on Facebook

and Twitter, I’m just not the best at this “social networking” thing, but thank God for

Kathy, she’s much better at it.

So, here we go, July 1, we start our first extensive ministry tour for 2014 in one of

our favorite places in the world, Singapore! No surprise there; however we will

be spending about 2 and half months in Asia, with ministry in Malaysia, China,

Indonesia, Brunei and of course, our “second home”, Singapore. Check out the

Events page for details of where we’ll be.

Just a quick final note: Having started this year with a bit of a health concern, we

have been so aware of the power we have in communicating encouragement and

hope to folks who are experiencing difficult circumstances in life. Several close

friends have also been confronted with varying challenges to their faith in this

regard, and we stand with all of you in these times, knowing that Jesus fully paid

for every lack we might be faced with. It is a joy to stand with all of you in worship,

knowing that no height, no depth, not things present, not things to come, nothing

can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our amazing King!

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