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O Deus é Bom!

It’s our 2nd ministry trip in 2015, and Brazil is once again our destination for an almost 3 week tour. For the past 15 years it has been an honor to see and hear, as well as participate in the sounds of worship coming from this very present nation in the eyes of the world. As an example, Kathy and I were recently in Honolulu when a young Brazileiro won the “Pipepline Masters” surfing event and we loved hearing the shouts of all his compatriots in Portuguese!! Along with this, the recent World Cup events and the coming Olympics in 2016 have put Brazil in the forefront of world news, and we are so happy for our Brazilian friends. What is perhaps not so obvious to the rest of the world is the amazing touch of God’s Spirit that is taking place in this beautiful country. The Church is growing rapidly, to say the least, and the gift of worship and song abounds in ministries all over this nation that is the 5th largest in the world. It is our honor to join in this huge Brazilian choir, and for the next few days, we celebrate all God is doing in Brazil with a number of fellowships in Maringa throughout the Sao Paulo area.

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