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Bob Fitts has been leading worship and writing songs with an international platform in live performance and recordings since the 1970s.  His best-known song, Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty, reached the ears of both Integrity Music and Maranatha! Music, and he was invited to record albums with both companies in 1988.  These cassettes and CDs, along with his own studio recordings opened the doors to many nations around the world. Bob's 15th recording, ABUNDANT, was released in 2019 as a CD and digital download.


Bob began leading worship during his high school days in Southern Calfornia, and the songs he has written and sung have always emphasized the over-abundant love and grace of God, bringing hope and healing to people all over the world. Some of his best known songs are Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty, Take My Healing To The Nations, He Is Lovely and He Will Come And Save You.


Bob and his wife, Kathy, have made their home in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii since 1981.  They have traveled to well over 50 nations to lead worship and teach at schools, events, conferences, ministries and churches. Because of their extensive international travels, they make their church home at New Creation Church in Singapore, where they have had pastoral relationships since 1991.


In addition to his worldwide ministry as a leader of praise and worship, Bob and Kathy also founded Alabaster Ministries, a charitable organization that provides materially, financially and spiritually to fatherless and widows through practical acts of service and Christian worship.  









Bob and his wife, Kathy, spend the great majority of the year traveling the globe leading worship, and teaching about worship.  They are available to join with your church or ministry in Worship Concerts, Seminars and for weekend or midweek services.


Bob does not plan his ministry schedule and then seek ministries that will sponsor him.  Instead, he responds to invitations requesting him to minister.  He also does not usually travel with a band, but finds great joy in working with the local worship teams and musicians.  In this way, relationships are built, and worship teams have private mentoring sessions in the final rehearsal for the event, once Bob and Kathy have arrived to the locale.  Materials are supplied in advance for the bands’ preparations.


Often when requests for ministry are received, one of the primary concerns for sponsoring an event is the issue of finance. With regard to this, Bob's purpose is to serve the local ministry/organization, and so does not require a fee, but simply asks that the hosting church or ministry decide between a love offering or honorarium per event, whichever is appropriate. In addition, the travel costs (which is referred to as "Travel Expense"), including airfare, lodging, car rental (if needed) and food be covered for both Bob and his wife Kathy, as they travel together. Many times, there are several destinations that can be combined into one trip, thereby reducing the travel expenses for each entity.



For further information, please visit the "For Bookings" page, or send us an email!








Bob Fitts


Bob Fitts


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