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A live worship recording sponsored by New Creation Church in 1995.

A Taste Of Heaven

  • Those attending this live recording sponsored by New Creation Church at Singapore’s Harbour Pavilion in 1995, truly did experience “a taste of Heaven”. During the time of intimate worship, Bob and Kathy looked up to see that there was actually rain showering down on the thousands who gathered in this indoor auditorium. Bob wrote and introduced the song Amen that evening. This was the first of two recordings that have been with New Creation Church, Bob and Kathy’s home church. The second, I Will Bow To You, was recorded in 2001.

    1.Glory Glory Lord
    2.One Of Us
    3.Lord Most High
    4.He Will Come And Save You
    5.My Eyes Are Fixed On You
    6.Praise To The Lord
    7.How Marvelous
    8.Thank You
    10.Sing Hallelujah
    11.Romans 16:19
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