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Newport Records / Healing To The Nations Music

Take My Healing To The Nations / Sacrifice

  • This single CD with 18 tracks has the complete songs from two studio recordings, Take My Healing To The Nations and Sacrifice. It includes the classic songs, Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty, Sacrifice (made known by someone’s YouTube video creation of Abraham and Isaac), He Is Lovely and Take My Healing To The Nations.

    1.Rise Up
    3.Is That Really You Lord
    4.He Is Lovely
    5.Let All Creation / Holy Lamb of God
    6.Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty
    7.Good Good Lord
    8.Isn’t It Good
    9.As You Give
    11.Dance and Sing
    13.Greater Things
    14.One God
    15.It’s His Touch
    16.I Believe
    18.Healing To The Nations
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