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Overwhelmed with God's Goodness!

Hey everyone, I must say it is difficult for me to describe the depth of emotion I am feeling just now. For the past 25 years, the people of New Creation Church have loved and blessed us in ways that we cannot describe. We have joined them, and many of other Churches in the family of God here in Singapore to say to the world....GOD IS IN LOVE WITH YOU! Today, we worshiped and bathed in the sweetness of our Savior as we sang and joined our hearts in song and prayer for the nations of the world during this very dark time around the globe. After 4 services today and tonight, spent the remainder of the evening with some very precious friends of ours who worshiped with us last service, and who are faithfully walking in what is a profoundly difficult time in their own lives. I watched as in their difficulty, they spoke only of God's goodness and faithfulness to them, and of their unshakable hope in the Grace and healing power of God! I am moved to tears just now at the overwhelming, amazing goodness of this message Jesus gave us to bring to the world; forgiveness, healing, love, blessing, favor, eternity, hope....all for simply believing in the finished work of Jesus, the only Son of God. No one can add anything to this amazing is perfect and complete....simply believe, and receive it all!! THANK YOU ALMIGHTY FATHER, your Sacrifice for now the King of Kings!

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