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Back in Asia!

He we are, going to spend the next six weeks in Asia, transiting between Singapore and Malaysia.  Our first weekend, we had an awesome time with our friends at our home church of New Creation Church in Singapore.

We would never have guessed that being in Asia would become such a part of our lives. Our first visit was way back in 1978, when as a youth pastor in Southern California, my Pastor asked if Kathy and I would take his place on a tour of Asia (Taiwan, Philippines and Hong Kong) with Chinese evangelist Nora Lam. Our lives were forever changed, seeing the love, passion and compassion that the churches in those countries had for Jesus, for each other and for the millions of people surrounding them! Since then, Kathy and I have been back countless times.

We'll be shuttling between Singapore and Malaysia these next seven weeks (full schedule on the "Events" page on this website), and had an awesome time starting our tour out at our home church, New Creation Church in Singapore. We've developed such loving friendships with so many there over the past 25 years since we first led worship to a congregation of about 300.

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