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LIFE IN THE “HOV” LANE (High Occupancy Vehicle)

Kathy and I have just about finished what has been a fantastically busy, and very full Summer this year of 2013. The promise of “….abundant life” has been so fulfilled for us these past 3 months, makes us daily look at each other and just shake our heads with both gratitude and amazement. Feels like that great feeling when your driving the freeway and see the traffic flying by you as you scream along in the empty HOV lane, enjoying the drive, and going fast!!! Last year Kathy counted up our days away (over 230) and we both realized….OK, our home is in Hawaii, but we live our lives all over the world. It’s such an honor and blessing for us to travel the world bringing attention to God’s goodness, but coming home to the large house we raised our children in has become a bit much to for us. As such, since we live most of our lives in hotel rooms, we decided to relocate our “Home” here in Kona, from our large family house, to a small 1 bedroom condominium which we originally used as my “office” space. We have rented out this property for many years, and have decided that this year, we will once again make it ours. Though it will not serve as my official office, it will become our place of refuge the few times that we are actually in Kona,…..and I won’t need to trim the plants, or take care of all the little things that seem to go wrong when away!! YEA GOD. So, needless to say, the summer has been full of packing and moving, and fixing, and cleaning etc, etc, etc, all added to our already busy travel schedule. (Malaysia, Singapore, USA (Oregon, Nashville) and Brazil……..YEHAWWWW! Life in the really blessed, really fast, really fun lane…..this is God’s promise fulfilled for us, “abundant life”!! - See more at:

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