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Habakkuk 2:2-3

This scripture holds a very special place in my spiritual journey! For many of my beginning years of ministry, I was regularly reminded through this scripture of the power of making a record of your personal dreams and visions. I am so grateful for having been surrounded by great men and women of vision in my early years, as they always reminded me of the fact that we all have dreams, and that none of them are too great for God!

A crucial part of stepping into our dreams is making a record of them. While I very much believe in journaling, as well as in recording on paper the things that God speaks to me in my prayer times, I also know that this act of “recording” can be more than simply writing. For years it has been my distinct honor and privilege to “record” music, and in doing so put down on record (almost literally), the words and blessings God has poured into my life for many many years. I think one of the most profound blessings we see when we record these words given to us by God, is when they are somehow passed on to others to become for them words of encouragement in their spiritual journey.

It is a rich experience in spiritual life when a book, song or anecdote comes along just at the right time and place, to confirm all that God is doing and has promised to do in the realization of His dreams for us! Every one of us has a story to tell about that time we were asking God for some sort of “confirmation” about our purpose or future, and suddenly a song plays on the radio, or someone “randomly” relates a story of God’s faithfulness to them. It’s like God Himself comes along and give us a gentle nudge saying……”see, told you so” Ha, what a loving, faithful, dream fulfilling God!!

So, go ahead, write down your dreams, mark them (altars, etc) , sing them, “record” them….somehow make a note of the dreams God’s Spirit has placed in your heart. It is an awesome miracle that will take place in that making this act of faith, your records will actually become a source of great encouragement to yourself, and also to others. “Recording” (making records of your dreams) is not just an act of musicianship, but an act of faith in moving toward the dreams God has promised you! God ahead…..MAKE A RECORDING!!

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