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Stories from the Nations: Nigeria

Kathy and I landed in Lagos, Nigeria last week, and on Sunday we led worship at “Potter’s Place Parish”, or P3 as they call it. Most of those attending this fellowship are students at Babcock University, and they are certainly passionate in their worship! (Dr. Ben Carson who is currently running for President in the U.S., visited this College in 2012 to inaugurate a new medical school, the Benjamin Carson School of Medicine). I had to laugh when the man driving us to the church very politely said “Mr. Fitts, when I was young, I used to listen to my father listening to your music.” Haha! I was so touched and honored to be with this very special young man. His parents are now missionaries in the Southern Sudan, and he continues their legacy in seeking to bring attention to the goodness of God. We had such a fantastic time of worship with “P3”! They are a part of the “Redeemed Christian Church of God” (RCCG), one of the most influential and widespread Christian movements throughout Africa and the world. After our time of worship, the pastor asked for those who wanted to give their lives to Jesus. As he spoke, a small spark and resulting flame broke out from a ceiling light not far from the stage. Simultaneously, the entire sound system stopped functioning, and yet the Pastor continued unmoved, passionately sharing the good news of God’s love to all who wanted to receive. Very calmly, a young man in the crowd jumped up, put out the small flame, and the sound suddenly came back on! I watched as what could have been a disaster, became yet another group of young Africans stepping forward to make it known that their desire is to follow Jesus. Reminds me of the time when Paul was preaching and a young man went to sleep and fell out of a 3rd story window. (Acts 20:7-12) Miraculously, the young man was healed, and no doubt went on to become a powerful witness to God’s miraculous love and power. What was for sure a tragedy, became God’s opportunity to show His greatness and ability to heal and restore, and as such, to increase the spread of the Gospel.

In these days with social media and the abundance of 24 hour news organizations’ coverage (all of which seem to thrive on the endless stream of horrific events taking place around the globe), like Paul, we are provided an opportunity with each challenge of the day to show forth the miracle working power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Romans 8:38 “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord”

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