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Worship Camp - Incheon, South Korea

We just finished teaching and leading worship at the “Wiseman Worship Camp” on a small island in the Yellow Sea off the coast of South Korea. Over a hundred 13-25 year olds, along with their pastors, came to be taught in matters of the heart as well as skill sets for leading worship in their churches. What an honor a privilege to be part of the groundwork for what will undoubtedly be influential men and women in the years to come!

At the close of the camp, as we were speaking with them individually, one of the teen age girls had phonetically transcribed what she wanted to say to me in English into Korean characters (in the same way that we would write “gam-sa-hap-ni-da” for Thank You, which is actually

She read this to me from her phone:

“Thank you, I am so touched because of you. Thank you, my life become everything new. Everything new. Thank you. I have decided follow Jesus. I will best worshiper in the world. Thank you."

Kathy and I are so humbled by the tender heart of these people. We are believing God for a multitude of passionate worshipers from Korea, who will join the already amassed army of praying saints from this country, to bring healing and restoration to their land, and to the entire planet.

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