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David and the Giant

The Valley of Elah, where David conquered the Giant

(Photo: The Valley of Elah today, the place where this famous "unbattle" took place)

David killed the giant, probably when he was still a teen. This fact is in itself quite astounding, and one that obviously bothered his older siblings. When you add to it the fact this was done with a simple “sling shot” and its only ammunition being 5 smooth stones, no wonder David became the worshiping hero king we all know him as.

While pondering this story a few days ago, I began to wonder what the significance of these 5 little rocks could be in terms of their representative value to us today as worshipers? Over the years I’ve come to greatly appreciate the fact that scripture contains no insignificant details….FIVE SMOOTH STONES.

Let’s start with the obvious, at least in my thinking. Five: the number in scripture that represents grace, and what a picture of grace this event is and has been throughout the millennia. A seemingly ill-equipped boy not even old enough to be in battle, facing an army whose standard bearer was an oversized, extremely well equipped, massive warrior with a sharp tongue and sword to match. The taunts coming from the opposing army remind me of the taunts that Christians have faced since the birth of the Church. The Roman Empire…a giant whose armies failed under the relentless ever-increasing grace of God displayed in the Bride of Christ. Today, the Church is awakening to a fresh appreciation of grace, and the fact that it is in fact, the person of our Savior Jesus Christ. As such, I believe we are about to see in the days ahead some massive worldly giants come crashing to the ground as they are confronted with the Amazing Grace of God, and perhaps in ways we never expected!!

For the remaining months of 2016, may you see the giants that have sought to hinder you from your inheritance in Christ come dramatically, miraculously and suddenly crashing to the ground in defeat!

Here are some thoughts regarding those five smooth stones with regard to key declarations David made while approaching his Goliath.

Upon seeing his nemesis, David said

  1. “What is my reward” (God is a rewarder)

  2. “Who is this guy?” (God has not given us fear, but love, power and sound mind)

  3. “I come in the name of the Lord” (at the name of Jesus, everyone bows)

  4. “This day God delivers you into my hands” (might to pull down strongholds)

  5. “I am the son of your servant” (We are Sons and Daughters of the living God)

For every giant you and I face in 2016, whose purpose is to keep us from our inheritance, may the Son of David, who is the one and only ROCK of our Salvation, be the ONE Stone in whom we place our trust against every Goliath we confront. Indeed, it only takes One Stone to be victorious, the Cornerstone of our Salvation who said these words “It Is Finished”, GOLIATH HAS BEEN CONQUERED!

(Photo: A stream bed in the Valley of Elah today.....plenty of small smooth stones, and it takes only one for all the giants we face today, Jesus!)

Smooth stones in the dried riverbed at the Valley of Elah where David conquered the giant

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