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Praying for Nations!

Kathy and I are making our home base in Singapore for the next few weeks while we have ministry here and in neighboring Malaysia. Today we’re returning again to Malaysia to join a multi-church gathering in worship and praying for their city and nation.

In these difficult times world wide, the Church is taking its place to “stand in the gap” in prayer and worship on behalf of each perspective nation. Last weekend, Kathy and I were so impressed with one of the worshipers who told us of her deep love for America, and that she is praying for us during the times of challenge in our country. What a great blessing that around the world Christians are praying for each other’s nations! It brings such a profound sense of unity and camaraderie when we “cross borders” in prayer in times of such strife and violence, joining hands and hearts in worship! This is God’s heart, demonstrated when Jesus left Heaven to become a citizen of Earth. I am confident, that as the Church stands to pray and to exalt the Prince of Peace around the globe….He will indeed usher in His healing to the nations!!

Be exalted oh God, let your glory be over all the earth!

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